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This is a proposal to develop a sanctuary in Northern Wisconsin for unwanted domesticated Wolves. The sanctuary would serve as an educational center to further the cause of reestablishing wild Wolf populations, and to renew awareness of the ancient Wolf-Human relationship. The first need is for a volunteer Interim Coordinator. If you are interested in the position please contact Tamarack Song.

7124 Military Road
Three Lakes, WI
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Mission Statement

The Foundation shall be comprised of a consortium of interested parties including the Wolf Clans of the regional Tribes, State and Federal resource management organizations, environmental organizations, educational institutions, other Wolf preservation and recovery organizations and private individuals. The expressed purposes of the foundation shall be to:

    • Establish a sanctuary where rescued domesticated wolves can live out their lives in their natural habitat. Use the sanctuary as a base for re-educating people on the age-old Wolf-Human relationship and how it can be honored in this day.

    • Rather than the typical animals-on-the-inside, people-on-the-outside zoo format, the sanctuary will provide an immersion experience into the world of the wolf with an elevated walk- way spanning the wolf enclosure and confining communication on the walkway to whispers.

    • Network with, and support other like-minded organizations

    • Support the establishment of similar sanctuaries / educational centers in other regions historically inhabited by wolves.
Vision Statement
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On all the continents, except Australia, Wolf and Human live, or have lived, together. They have a rich history of brotherhood, that is reflected in the regional folklore everywhere. For example, the Inuit tell the story of a boy who wanted to become a hunter and was sent to learn from Wolf rather than from one of his own people (click here for story). Throughout his range, Wolf serves as a clan and personal animal guide. This kinship, according to the legends of the Ojibwe people of the Upper Great Lakes region, has existed since the dawn of creation. It is so close, in fact, that the destinies of both are inextricably intertwined. “As goes the fate and fortune of Wolf, so goes the fate and fortune of Man,” says one story (click here for story) . This profound relationship is a metaphor for our kinship with all of life.

The purpose of the Brother Wolf Foundation (hereafter referred to as the Foundation) is to honor our unique and sacred kinship with Wolf. By working to establish safe habitat for Wolves, both in the hearts of Humans and on the land that was once shared by both Wolf and Human, the Foundation will at the same time be working to ensure the future health and survival of the Human species.



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